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Decorating a Nursery with Toys

Given that the toys will inevitably form part of a nursery, which integrate better idea as part of the decor, especially when talking about large, stuffed animals and dolls always have been placed on the bed and shelves as decoration, the largest toy can be distributed on the floor of the room as if it were furniture.

Table and chair are also a fundamental in the nursery, even if they have started going to school, children need a suitable place in which drawing and coloring.

It is important to have sufficient space for the game, children's rooms should be separated, rest and leisure study, the child must learn to allocate their time and spatial organization should help them.
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Gardening, Care of the Plants from Getting Sick

All living things even the smallest grass needs water to live.Decorate our house with plants that are much more beautiful when they convey vibrancy, color and reflect the true nature.
The first sign that they sent for us when they are sick; is when they start losing their leaves, and in most cases this happens because of lack of hydration, however if you maintain a regular watering them and still lose their leaves, then they may not receive sufficient light or not like their location.

To take better care from time to time; remove their land with a rake if they are in the garden or a holder if the pot is too small, this will allow water to reach depths of their roots more easily.

If you notice that your plants are in very bad condition, you should spray the leaves with warm water and let some water deposited from pots, and the roots of fund that are often the most neglected can absorb water and stay nourished.
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Gardens Decorating Ideas

Below are some tips for gardens decorating:
- One of the main line is to choose plants that compatible with our local climate, site conditions, and make sure that when they reach their adult they will have the right size for the space where they have been planted.
- The grass is beautiful, but it absorbs too much water, which will be noticed in the growth of our plants. Dispose of lawn and put gravel or granite instead is highly recommended.
- It is worth to add edible plants, we can use from time to time, such as thyme, rosemary and / or lemon scented plants, like lavender, honeysuckle, sage and citrus.
- To cause a good impact, use pots with a monochromatic special color scheme.
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