Trends in Wood Flooring (Parquet)

If you choose wood as flooring material for your home, then you get many benefits: warmth, comfort, beauty and elegance. And last but not least, durability, and a wood floor properly maintained can last lifetime.

In decoration, trends are changed periodically and hardwood floors (Parquet) are not exception:
- Colors: extreme tones are used dark, the very light almost white and gray are the latest trend.
General rule for people who looking for clean tones with a homogeneous appearance to give the feeling of spaciousness to the rooms; is to use wenge wood and walnut, for a house under the rule of modern and contemporary decor, while the beech or cherry are reserved for classic styles.

- Sizes: broadband and very long pieces, requires designs which consist of several tablets, as they provide a continuous note to the floor (although this type of flooring is more expensive).

- Finishing: we find a predominance of natural wood and antique style (one of the most current).
There is also a tendency to use oil-treated wood, stained or painted in different colors, especially white. The effect matt or the wax is the latest, bring natural and organic (for lack of varnish), although this type of soil is very delicate because it gets dirty and easily damaged.


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